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Mosaic Vision Video Update

Bad breadth doesn't mean sell.

Welcome back to the Mosaic Vision video update!

In this 7 minute update, I’ll unpack key charts from my weekend report impacting the stock market, cover new developments, and discuss trade ideas that could be on the move.

If you prefer to read this update instead of watching the video, be sure to check out the transcript!

Today’s update will cover:

  • One breadth measure that’s the worst in nearly 100 years.

  • History shows narrow leadership isn’t a timing tool.

  • Managing risk on Reddit’s (RDDT) breakout.

If you have any thoughts on the topics discussed in today’s video or any other feedback, please leave a comment below!


Thanks for tuning in to Mosaic Vision!

Disclaimer: these are not recommendations and just my thoughts and opinions…do your own due diligence! I may hold a position in the securities mentioned in this report.

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