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Great article as always - I am taking the other side of the trade on this as I see the NAS 100 as still very rich on many metrics - for a short term set up I would agree things maybe a bit oversold but for the quarter ( depending on earnings of course ) I can’t see the NAS going too much higher than a few % at best from here - I like your analysis but I’m going to argue that the fundamentals have gotten ahead of themselves

And technically I think we are a bit due for a pullback

With that said - I rarely make a trade without looking at your posts

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Appreciate the feedback and support!

I'm not disagreeing with you in the near-term. While overall I expect the bull market to remain intact, I also wouldn't be surprised to see more downside near-term especially in the cap-weighted indexes. A "catch down" move to what we've seen with the average stock.

Poor seasonals for the S&P 500 in the back half of January as well. But I am interested in breadth becoming oversold. I mention the % above the 20-day MA...watch the McClellan Oscillator as well. A positive divergence showing up would be a high conviction signal especially if sentiment resets on a pullback.

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Great stuff - I need to read up on the McClellan O

I usually look at the MACD and Stoc and ADX

Along w the 8/13 EMAs for day trades

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