What is The Market Mosaic?

I have over 20 years of experience in various investment and trading roles. That includes institutional equity research where I advised some of the largest mutual funds and hedge funds in the world, and as a former executive for an asset management firm applying both quantitative and technical analysis to portfolio construction.

I am fortunate to have experienced trading and investment management from multiple angles in my career, including everything from deep dive fundamental research to utilizing technical analysis for managing equity portfolios.

Rather than relying on just one approach, I’m combining what I believe to be the best of all analytical methods to evaluate the stock market and generate trade ideas…hence my “mosaic”.

Why should I subscribe?

Above all else when it comes to the stock market, I’ve learned along the way that opinions are often wrong but the market action is not.

That’s why The Market Mosaic breaks down the intersection of macro factors, technicals, and market internals to determine the next move in stocks. It’s how we build our mosaic…using a weight of the evidence approach from multiple angles.

It is a unique and objective analysis that you will rarely read or hear about in the mainstream financial media.

And not only that, I will highlight trade ideas in Mosaic Chart Alerts with charts and specific levels to trigger a breakout move. That way you can create your own trade plan to capitalize on moves in the stock market.

What will I learn along the way?

After acquiring some level of experience, I believe many of us in any field develop an urge to share what we’ve learned. I am no different.

So I started Mosaic Asset Company and The Market Mosaic to do just that!

As a subscriber and reader of my posts, I will show you:

  • How trends, technicals, and market internals are superior forecasting tools.

  • How economic data really drives the stock market.

  • How to read a chart and trade breakouts.

Thanks for reading The Market Mosaic…I look forward to having you as a subscriber!


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Divining the stock market's next move by looking at macro, technicals, and market internals. Long + short trade ideas.


Over 20 years trading technical, fundamental, and quant strategies. Taking what I've learned to help you navigate the stock market and make better trading decisions.